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Wendy in the hot springs

Wendy in the hot springs

I didn’t realize how hairy Wend was til she took off her clothes. Cute, tho, right?

If you give her a lychee nut she makes a sweet little chirpy sound. Adorable!


Our friends…

Our friends...

…in Liard Hot Springs. The snow banks behind, the steam a’risin’, the refreshing beverages: a perfect afternoon.

Easily my least favorite sign

Easily my least favorite sign

I got all squirrelly about going to the Hot Springs after seeing these warnings.
“Maybe we should just keep driving, since we’re driving only on ice and snow and we have to go so slowly.”
“What was that noise?”
“Did I leave something in the car?”

Wend was very nice about it, but she’d have none of it. Hot Springs, dammit! We kept walking on the adorable 1/2 mile long wooden walkway. I thought of it as the conveyor belt bringing dinner to the bears. But I kept walking too.

Crossing over Liard River

Crossing over Liard River

I do love bridges, and the scenery is, of course, spectacular, but neither of these wonderful things can hold a candle to something we’re about to do.

What luck…More Bison!

What luck...More Bison!

Wendy wonders if this might be the Bison Bedroom.
God love her, she’s a wingnut, that girl.

Anyone can see it’s one of their Snow Spas.

And just a reminder…

And just a reminder...

…to Wend, about allllll she’s left behind, here in Los Angeles.

I’m in this picture, can you find me? It’s kind of like “Where’s Waldo” but with less adorable stuff like the binoculars and backpack, and more murderous rage.

Before we left…

Before we left...

…a lot of people had opinions and advice about what we’d find, what we’d need, and how dangerous our trip could be. The only thing I really kept in my mind, for my sanity as much as anything else, is that Autumn told me about someone who drove the AlCan regularly. He said he preferred driving it in the winter because it’s so beautiful and so open, so uncrowded then. Yep.

Incomprehensible signs: Baby Dumping

Incomprehensible signs:  Baby Dumping

If you look closely, you’ll notice that someone has helpfully scrawled a little face on the piece of baby trash.

“Fuck you,
you fuckin’

Bumper stickers you’re unlikely to see in British Columbia. ¬†But I saw this today in Los Angeles. ¬†Welcome!

“Fuck you,
you …