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Traveler’s Advisory: Pilfering

Traveler's Advisory: Pilfering

My motto: as much and as often as possible. Oh it was a glorious morning when Wendy and I arrived at the “continental breakfast room” at this hotel. A few hotels had these, actually. Have I mentioned that I’m really starting to love Canada? I originally left 2 peanut butters, but then I thought that was stupid and went back took one of ’em. Notice the abundance of jams and jellies.


“She slipped softly from the summer stream, as seamless as a summer’s dream.”

I saw this on the side of a building.  Thank you, BC.

“She slipped so…

More snowy,

More snowy,

more coldy.

Shout-out to Brian F:

Shout-out to Brian F:

Your room is ready.



Italian for “Let’s cross over.” Shout-out and thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert.

British Columbia…

British Columbia...

…can wait while we take in the magnificence of my leg and the side of the seat.

Ok so now we get into some loveliness…

Ok so now we get into some loveliness...

This is the start of Beautiful British Columbia. I’m feeling very blessed indeed, to be here with beautiful Wendy.

Wendy: “If only Pegasus would come…

…and pick us up and fly us the rest of the way.”
KJ: “It’s 40 f-in’ degrees below zero you lunatic, we’d freeze in 3 minutes.”
Wendy: “Not if he had one o’ them popemobile thingys on his back. Then we’d be toasty.”
KJ: “Well, you got me there. Plus then we could wave nicely to all the Canadians.”


Oh Eddie Vedder, isn’t Canada beautiful?

The beauty begins, but…

The beauty begins, but...

…who cares about landscape when you see the name Vedder?