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Incomprehensible sign alert:

Incomprehensible sign alert:

Land shark wearing a necklace?


8,257 hats, and counting.

8,257 hats, and counting.

Hanging in one of those rest-stop, restaurant-ish, hang-out for locals, gas station thingys.

…And then a bunch of new friends!

...And then a bunch of new friends!

Some hardy and helpful Canadians! Including the guy from Jamaica!

Yes, I did the deed of driving the right front tire into a little ridge on the side of the icy road, and then proceeded to lose control and drive us off the road where we landed, all dramatic-like, in a big snow bank “wall”. Which we were grateful for because without it, we would have tipped over on our side. Yep. I did that.

These guys stopped, hopped out of their GIGANTIC FLAT-BED TRUCK, pulled out the chains they just carry around (gotta get me some!), and used the afore-mentioned chains to pull Wendy’s adorable Rav4, it’s “Barcelona Red” FYI, out of the snow bank. All while wearing sweatshirts and no gloves while Wend and I were ready for, well, -20 degrees, which is what the temp was. Or thereabouts.

Dawson Creek STILL!!!

Dawson Creek STILL!!!

How is it we missed that very first “feature”:



Well, this is the image that came up when I googled “Bono,” and I have to say, he’s reeeeally different looking from how I remember him in concert. But you know, people, er, primates, change.

You gotta follow your heart, Bono. I applaud you, man.