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Using my best Irish accent:

Using my best Irish accent:

“Oh shite! Da feckin’ sun is ruinin’ me feckin’ picher! Dat sun! Just like me ex-husband Paddy, the inconsiderate bastard, no thought at all fer what I want. It’s all about HIM just shoinin’ away, blastin’ out me beayootiful picher. Feckin’ inconsiderate, dat feckin’ sun.”

“Hmm. Actually, it’s koinda noice.”


“What the HELL is that in the sky?!!!! oh fuck wait a minute…

…it’s a motherfeckin’ crack from that little rock that flew back at us as that bastard truck flew past us.” “That’ll do well in below freezing temps.” “Feckin’ bastard truck.” “Poor little BRAND-FUCKING-NEW-ADORABLE-RAV-4!!!”


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What can I say?

What can I say?
Fuckin’ lovely.