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Miracle Shower Gel

Miracle Shower Gel

On our first or second morning out, Wend offered me this shower gel and said I could finish it. It wasn’t quite empty tho, so we kept the bottle. Here it is, many showers later, and if you look closely you can see THE BOTTLE STILL IS NOT EMPTY.

Oh, the beauty and mystery of the universe, evident once again. Gimme a hug, Walt Whitman.


Setting sun. Icy road.

Setting sun.  Icy road.

Beautiful and dangerous.
Just like Wend.


Autumn made up the perfect sound for my scrunchy unhappiness at not being able to take another picture of a bison, and then she created this haunting re-enactment. I think she may be shortlisted to play me in the mini-series.

Wendy won’t let me take a picture of another bison.

Wendy won't let me take a picture of another bison.

But when I showed her this picture she almost crashed the car because she was laughing so much. Payback! Sort of!

Feeding snacks to the wildlife

Feeding snacks to the wildlife

I know I’m not supposed to but she was sitting on her hind legs, begging. Adorable!