Bison Lover

Bison Lover

Tho it’s actually hard to tell these are bison, really. They’re so deep in the snow, digging down to get the grass, they kind of just look like giant brownies sitting by the side of the road.

This picture would still work tho because I’d totally stop for giant brownies. And if I got out and found that the snow was ice cream I’d figure we’d been flattened by a truck and were in heaven. Mmmmmm. Heaven is SO delicious….Wait! Is that…Gandhi? Eating giant bison-sized brownies on a hillside of ice cream with Gandhi. THAT is heaven.

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Wendy, with her best Irish accent, “So be it. Go on then ya fat bastard.”

We LOVE it when we let trucks pass us and they flash their blinkers in thanks. ¬†And then there’s the ones that don’t thank us. ¬†Bastards.

Wendy, with her…

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Wendy says…

Wendy says...

…she’s going to go thru sugar withdrawal when I go home.

My work here is done.


I live in constant fear.

I live in constant fear.

So often, I don’t need my reproductively harmful asbestos gloves. I just warm my hands on the heat of Wendy’s rage.

She’s terrifying, I tell you.

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Still totally dark.

Still totally dark.

Yep, this is A.M. We really are getting into the nooooorth.


Evidence of a great night’s sleep.

Evidence of a great night's sleep.

Ok it’s hard to tell, but this is the moon, and we have left the luxury of our last stop extra early.

Look who’s sleeping in my bed!

Look who's sleeping in my bed!

Crabby Mousy Big Head Mousy is just the ticket for a lumpy bed with a flimsy comforter and polyester blend sheets that are brown. Sorry, “mocha.”

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“You can use my phone. I get free calls to the Yukon after 6!”

Stuff you don’t hear every day.

“You can use my…


Hop out of the car to gas up…

Hop out of the car to gas up...

…and look who decides he can drive now. Those Build-a-Bears are a little delusional, if you ask me.

Check out the ridiculous get-up too. Like that cute pink raincoat will protect ANYONE in the Yukon. Sheesh.

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