What Wendy doesn’t know…

image…is that, accompanying us on our incredible journey, is the one and only, CRABBY MOUSY BIG HEAD MOUSY. Crabby Mousy, for short, was a cartoon character on a pretty funny show called, “Pinky and the Brain.” The Brain, is of course, Crabby Mousy, and Pinky, the dopey sweet mousy, called him CMBHM because, well, it was a perfect description. I found this little version of Crabby Mousy one day while running, and I was so tickled to have found this character that Wendy and I loved, that when Wendy moved to Portland, I sent Crabby Mousy up there to live with her.

Shockingly, I received a package from Wendy soon after, and she was RETURNING CRABBY MOUSY BIG HEAD MOUSY TO ME! Inconceivable! She told me that he was spooking her out, staring at her in that crabby way he does. It’s true, he really does stare at you, but it hurts me just to write that. I mean, look at that mousy, in front of a fantastic painting of our beloved Rudi. Look at his lovingly open arms, reaching out to you!

Hmm. Bad example, maybe. He really does look a tiny bit sneaky. Evil maybe.

Back to my scintillating tale, Crabby Mousy will not be denied, and many many times, I sent Crabby Mousy back to Wendy, she’d send him back to me, and, powerless to resist his bidding, I’d send him back again hiding amongst tea bags, taped to the bottom of Snow Globes (the little stowaway) and I even bribed someone not used to such shenanigans to drop him into Wendy’s purse when they met for tea. That one gave her heart palpitations. Heh heh.

SO, what Wendy doesn’t know, or, I guess she will in a few minutes, is that our little darling, Crabby Mousy Big Head Mousy has been with us EVERY STEP OF THE WAY FROM THE VERRRRRRY BEGINNING. Look at him! Right there before we even left, at the wonderful home of Robin and Scott! And then with us every mile, just watching over our travels and our slumber. Or lurking and plotting. You be the judge.


5 thoughts on “What Wendy doesn’t know…

  1. Chad says:

    I have seen Crabby Mousy Big Head Mousy in the flesh. Well, it’s not really flesh but it’s as creepy as if it were. Just the idea of it traveling all the way to Alaska. I shudder.

  2. Wendy says:

    I think it can easily be said that, you are an evil genius.

  3. donna wallace says:

    Crabby Mousy Big Head Mousy would look fabulous in hot pink! The problem is, the color is all wrong.

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