Wendy: “If only Pegasus would come…

…and pick us up and fly us the rest of the way.”
KJ: “It’s 40 f-in’ degrees below zero you lunatic, we’d freeze in 3 minutes.”
Wendy: “Not if he had one o’ them popemobile thingys on his back. Then we’d be toasty.”
KJ: “Well, you got me there. Plus then we could wave nicely to all the Canadians.”


2 thoughts on “Wendy: “If only Pegasus would come…

  1. donna wallace says:

    Yeah, but Pegasus might take you to Mount Olympus and I hear its 160 below up there.

    • kjluker says:

      Oh, geez, we hadn’t thought of that, Donna. In my extensive research for this post, tho, I read that Mercedes had built a new popemobile for, you know, the pope. I don’t think they built it for us, and our faithful ride Pegasus, but I’m wondering if they might build a super heated one for us if we asked nicely.

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