Deep down, she loves us, she really loves us!

Deep down, she's a people person!  She loves people!

Customs agent: Why are you driving to Alaska? (Are you insane?)
Wendy: I have a new job waiting for me there!
Customs agent: What do you do? (Drug runner)
Wendy: I’m a pediatric nurse!
KJ: It’s awesome!
Custom’s agent: (The curly one scares me) What do YOU do?
KJ: I’m a Pilates teacher!
Custom’s agent: (Blank stare) (Blank stare)
Custom’s agent: How many and what type of weapons are you carrying?
KJ and Wendy: (blank stare)
Custom’s agent: Bear spray? Pepper spray? Tazers?
KJ: Um, none?
Wendy: (nervous laugh) Nope.
Custom’s agent: (narrowed eyes)
KJ and Wendy: (Shit, she doesn’t believe us)
Custom’s agent: (narrowed eyes) (Checks out our passports more closely)
KJ and Wendy: (Or does she think we’re lunatics because we didn’t bring bear spray and pepper spray and tazers?)
Wendy: (Shit. SHOULD we have brought bear spray and pepper spray and tazers?
KJ: (What’s Bear spray?!)


4 thoughts on “Deep down, she loves us, she really loves us!

  1. ianmal says:

    hairspray and a lighter can serve as a weapon in case of an emergency. i hope one of you uses hairspray.

    • kjluker says:

      Ian, you’ll have to check back for when I post a pic of myself. Then you’ll know how much I can’t use hairspray. But I might buy some now that you’ve brought this possibility to light, pun intended.

  2. drj says:

    According to US Fish and Wildlife: “a person’s chance of incurring serious injury from
    a charging grizzly doubles when bullets are fired versus when bear spray is used.”
    Sprays are made from Capsaicin and related Capsaicinoids
    Good article at
    “Like seatbelts, bear spray saves lives.”
    Maybe you should stop and get some? ; )

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