God is my co-pilot…

God is my co-pilot...

…and I am Wendy’s, and I have only gotten us lost twice. Didja see those giant LOGS? Wait, what did that sign say?


4 thoughts on “God is my co-pilot…

  1. Chad says:

    I can already see where this is going… or maybe where it ISN’T going. How long did you two plan for this trip??

  2. robin mesch says:

    Did you know that you were doing a loop?

    • kjluker says:

      Well, yeah, I know, it’s just that there was this reeeeally cool thingy over on the side of the road and I had to see it and Wendy drove us over and then I needed chocolate so we went to the little market that only sold three items and we started talking to this really sweet girl, Charlene, who told us how big the next town was, “16,000 people!!!!” and then, um, where were we?

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